Silver Amalgam

If you’ve had a lot of dental work and fillings in the past, you may have silver amalgam fillings in your back teeth. Amalgam has been the main filling material used in back teeth for over 100 years. It is still one of the best filling materials. Amalgam fillings are not used as much anymore because of the technology and development of white composite fillings over the years. Although silver fillings are not harmful, our office is able to replace old, worn out amalgam fillings with white filling material for aesthetic purposes or we can crown back teeth that have had large silver fillings in the past. Teeth with large fillings are more prone to fracturing and breaking off, so crowns or onlays are a terrific option for added protection.

White Composite Fillings

White or composite filling are the most popular material used to “fill” or restore teeth today because they look better. Whether their long term benefits outweigh other materials is yet to be determined. A white filling can be used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, and other minor dental flaws. Crowns, veneers or onlays should be considered when more tooth is missing.

Gold onlays and inlays

The gold onlay is one of the best “fillings” dentistry has to offer because it requires minimal tooth reduction and provides optimal strength with great gum health. They can be made with white materials, but these have not been time-tested. An onlay will cover the top of the tooth protecting the tooth from fractures, while an inlay fits inside the tooth. We have used bonded white inlays successfully for several years. Onlays and inlays can provide you with some of the highest quality dentistry available today.

These restorations are made from impressions of your teeth which allows for better contacts between the teeth, better fit at the margins, and better control of the shape of the restoration on all sides and biting surface. Gold also doesn’t tarnish or corrode and actually protects the natural color of teeth. More dentists request gold for their own restorations and their families than any other material. If you are that individual who is looking for the best, most long lasting care, onlays should be considered. We are happy to show you examples of onlays and inlays and answer your questions.