What are dental implants?

Dental implants are synthetic replacements for both a missing tooth and its root. Dental implants are created from titanium and look similar to a screw. The dental implant can be placed on either the upper or lower jaw. After a few months, the bone and the dental implant fuse together to create a stable, secure anchor for the new tooth.

Why should I get a dental implant?

Dental implants have many benefits, including:

  • They look and function like natural teeth
  • They are a permanent solution for missing teeth and promote stability and security
  • They are easily maintained by attending routine hygiene visits to our office
  • Implants help to decrease your risk of gum disease, bone loss, shifting teeth, and additional tooth loss
  • They can replace a removable partial or full denture
  • They don’t compromise any surrounding teeth like a dental bridge does

Who is eligible for dental implants?

Thanks to modern dentistry and advancements in dental implants, many people are now candidates for dental implants. However, if you have a chronic illness, severe osteoporosis, or heart disease, you may not be eligible. Call us today to schedule your implant consultation and discover if dental implants are right for you!

What does the dental implant procedure involve?

Your dental implants will be placed over three to four visits.  During the first appointment, we will X-ray the area and take an impression of your mouth. This impression is used as a surgical guide and to help us create a temporary restoration to cover the implant.

At the second appointment, the dentist will place your implant after applying local anesthesia to the area. Additional sedation is not necessary for most patients at this point. To promote healing, the area will be covered with sutures.

Once the implant and bone have fused together, you will visit our office for your third appointment. This appointment usually occurs several months after the initial placement of the implant. At this appointment, Dr. Regan will either place or begin creating the porcelain crown that will rest securely on the titanium dental implant.

How much do dental implants cost?

The costs vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances. During your implant consultation with Dr. Regan, you will discuss both the procedure and the costs associated with it.

How long with a dental implant last?

When properly taken care of, your dental implant can last your entire lifetime.

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