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The staff is amazing with kids!!!! My daughters 1st dentist appt and they made it soo easy for her. They were all soo friendly and it wasn't rushed at all. The doctor was very nice and took his time to get to know her before her check up.

Kari Russell    4/13/2018                                      

What a pleasure it was going to Dr. Regan and his staff!  You all did a WONDERFUL job on my teeth! :)  Dr. Regan is so kind and understanding.  I have to say that he is, hands down, the best dentist I have ever been too.  I never felt any pain whatsoever from my procedure and was so comfortable that I nearly fell asleep in the chair!  The ladies who work there are very, very kind and helpful.  They are so comforting and understanding.  You just couldn't ask for a better place to go!  The doctor and his staff make up an amazing, wonderful team.  I highly recommend them!  My heartfelt thanks to you Dr. Regan and your wonderful staff! 

Sincerely, Susann Fuller    3/30/2018                                         

Very pleasant waiting room.  Staff helpful, light atmosphere.  Doctor Regan very personable, straight up tells you what is going on.  Dental assistant also personable and lets you know what is happening with your x-rays.  Great place to get your teeth cared for!                                           Chad S  11/22/2017

You done a fantastic job!  I couldn't believe how fast you were able to pull my teeth.  I had no discomfort at all and it was over in 10 minutes, or at least it seemed.  The whole staff are nice and friendly.
– John H


Dear Dr. Regan, I can’t thank you enough for your kind and gentle treatment of me. I appreciate your professionalism, your skill, and your infectious sense of humor. I look forward to, I hope, many years of a mutually satisfactorily relationship.
– Becca T

Thank you all very much for being so nice to me.  You would of thought I was someone special.  All of you treated me that way.  I can never thank you all enough for all you’ve given me.  Bless you all. -Diana M

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for identifying the possibility of cancer in my mouth late last spring.  Things didn’t seem right after that so I ended up at an ENT (Dr. Cast) who took a small biopsy which came back positive.  Then I had surgery for a major biopsy of sorts.  It came back that all was removed!  The oncologist said I need to see the ENT every 3 months for a while but no other treatment was needed.  I thank God and the prayers of many people. If you had not taken this seriously I might have been in a very bad way. Dr. Cast said “Thank your dentist, he probably saved your life.”
-Jerry W

Unfortunately, I grind my teeth at night but never thought to take the problem seriously.  I was shocked one morning to wake up and see that I had broken both front teeth through the grinding I had done. I was very afraid that by repairing my broken front teeth, the cosmetic outcome might be just as noticeable.  Dr. Regan and staff assured my of the outcome and gave me many options on how to fix my broken front teeth.  I decided to use the bonding process and my two front teeth look and feel better than before.  You honestly can’t tell they’ve ever been broken! I now realize the importance of wearing a mouth guard! Kudos to Dr. Regan and staff for the job they do!
-Larry G

I’d like to say thank you for all your work and the time you took out of your busy schedule to give me the service you did.  You will never know how much I appreciated it, Dr. Regan,  for all your kindness and your thoughtfulness to others.
-Richard & Barbara S

My children and I would like for Dr. Regan and his family to receive a BOUQUET for their distribution of toothbrushes for Halloween. Believe it or not, when my kids heard that he hands out toothbrushes, they made me make a special trip to his neighborhood to get one.  They were actually excited.  Now, if I can just get them to brush three times a day.  Thanks so much, Dr. Regan.
-Staci Blocker in Herald Press

Always has been a pleasure to come here.  The staff are wonderful & Dr. Regan is great with people like me that are scared to ever come.  And they have helped out everytime on my payment plans.  Thanks for all that your office does for me.
-Carla Pelz

I highly recommend the oral sedation to anyone.  It was very relaxing and calming.  Could not feel any of the shots or procedures either.  Doctor Regan and nurse were very professional but kind and considerate on all my needs.  They have a TV above with movies to watch which helps to keep you preoccupied.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It was a pleasant experience.  (and I hate dentists)
-Barbi Stephan

My tooth extraction was totally awesome.  I did not feel a thing.  Before I knew it my tooth was gone.  That was the first time I ever had a shot that didn’t hurt.  This whole experience was effortless and painless.
-John Garrett

You can do it all – don’t have to be referred out.
-Susan Shepherd

I had been suffering headaches for over 6 months.  I just dealt with them as part of life.  By January I was having worse headaches.  This was affecting my life in many areas.  Some days the headaches were so bad I cancelled plans and did not do much more than required to get through each day.  I began thinking the pain could be a tumor behind my eye.  I went to my doctor who was baffled and referred me to a neurologist.  I was told it was migraines. He hospitalized me as migraine medicine was not helping.  After being released and still in as much pain as before, I decided to try my dentist before giving up and accepting it as part of my life. He knew right away that it was TMJ.  He fit me with a NTI and I began getting relief immediately.  A week later I was totally out of pain.  I don’t even get mild headaches anymore.  I am truly amazed.  Thank God for Dr. Regan and his knowledge of TMJ.  My life has improved immensely.
-Lisa McPherson

I am very pleased with the work I had done and the friendly people who took care of me.
-Elsie Reckard.

Dr. Regan is the best dentist I’ve ever seen.  He can do dental work that no one else can do.  I highly recommend Dr. Regan.  He worked very hard to give me a great smile.
-Darlene Tindall

A trip to the dentist was not my first choice.  But a cherry smile when I arrived at the office took much of the dread out of the visit.  Linda starts me off to a good attitude toward whatever procedure awaits me.  Friendly, good humored attendants put me at ease and explain some of the procedures I might expect.  Then comes the “Doc”, fish stories and all.  Before I know it they are all saying, “So long, see you next time!”  What a professional trip, and always very much appreciated!  Thanks to all of you at the office of my dentist, Dr. Regan!

P.S. As the wife of a husband who would “never” go to the dentist, it took some persuasion to get him there.  I, too, had the usual fears of pain and unpleasantlness, one thinks of when going to a dentist.  My fear and nervousness was put at ease sometime ago by the pleasant and professional attitudes of all the employees at Dr. Regan’s office, as by the Doc himself.  Always attentive to the feelings of anxiety and pain, Dr. Regan is one of the most knowledgable, professional, caring and pleasant dentists I have ever encountered.  Thank you.
-Jerry & Rosemarie Felts

I have been a patient for over 30 years.  The service has always been good and I will continue to be a patient.

You have an office full of friendly people!  Everyone is always smiling, friendly and helpful.

Not bad for I.U.
-John Methot

In one line, “Superb”  “Superb”, & “Superb” Dentist and is always looking for what is best for the patients and care for them.
-Clem & Phyllis Christman

Cindy and I have greatly appreciated the truly professional service we have received from the entire staff.  The staff of your office is the friendliest of any we have ever dealt with.  We plan to continue as patrons as long as we are in this area.  Keep up the great work.
-John Hill

The Doctor and the whole staff have always been wonderful to me.  Linda has always been fair with me, when it came to my bill.  I was having a hard time but its wonderful when people will work with you. -M. T.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how much I appreciate your expertise and professionalism.  My worst nightmare had always been my trip to the dentist!  You, your staff and everyone in your office are great!  I even find myself looking forward to my appointments with you!  I can tell that you and your staff are dedicated to your patients!  This is a breath of fresh air in this day and age.

I appreciated your professionalism, but it was refreshing to see you put a personal touch with it.  But most of all I appreciate that you really care about your patients!  I feel that is a fading trait among most people, not just doctors!”

Thank you very much for opening your doors to a complete stranger in her time of need.

We appreciate you thoroughness and having everything explained.

You have an office full of friendly people!  Everyone is always smiling, friendly and helpful.

Thank you for your service to my health & your thoughtfulness in recovering from the extractions. You’re a very important part to my health.  I just wanted to thank you for your time & service.

Thank you so very much for the painless tooth extraction and for seeing me in such short notice.  You are the best and as far as I am concerned the only dentist in town.  Please don’t ever retire.  God Bless you & your family.  May you have a great Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year.
-Sincerely, R.D.

I love you guys!!! Thank you for getting me out of pain.
-Kelly Barlow

I’ve never had such an overwhelmingly positive experience at the dentist.  I will send everyone I know your way.  As well treated my 4 year old with complete respect, confidence as well as patience.  She never has been so calm & at ease!  All children should come in to Dr. Regan as well as parents!
-Kimberly Adams

I have been to many dentists in my lifetime and would recommend Dr. Regan to anyone.  He was gentle and kind.

Dr. Regan made me feel real comfortable- and no pain with my teeth.  I appreciate all his little assistance too!  He acted like he really cared about my health and teeth too!  I will be back.  Thank you.
-Monica Ferguson

Dr. Regan is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. He’s very good at what he does and knows exactly what needs to be done. I highly recommend him.
-Sharon R. Lesh

I had an excellent cleaning today and also an oral cancer exam. I appreciate the cancer exam. I’ve never had one before.
-Marilyn Wilson

Very nervous when I came but Dr. Regan was excellent. Numbed me very well and was very quick at removing my tooth (piece of cake). H was very patient and gentle. On my second visit, Dr. pulled a tooth. It was fast, quick. I’m very satisfied and I will be back.
-Robin Bolkovatz

Thank you for pulling my tooth. Came today to remove stitches. No pain, and Katy said healing well. Thank you so much again!
-Jerry Hillegas

If you are looking for a dentist who covers all ends of dentistry then Dr. Regan and his staff are the right choice. My whole family sees Dr. Regan on a regular basis for our orthodontic and regular tooth care needs. His staff is attentive and remembers our names every time we come in. Dr. Regan is gentle and does his best to make all procedures comfortable. Every time our daughter, Angela, has broken a wire, bracket, etc., they have always gotten us in right away to get it taken care of. Dr. Regan in knowledgeable and takes his time in making the right decision to ensure the right path is taken for my daughter’s orthodontics. I appreciate his honest and patient approach. His staff needs to be commended also, from the moment you pick up the phone and call you get a courteous voice on the other end, to the time you sit in the chair for your dental work and his assistants greet you with a warm welcome. Dr. Regan and his staff are the right choice when choosing a dentist that is kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and can cover all your dentistry needs.
-Brandi Jones

Dr. Regan is a wonderful dentist. I never felt any pain or discomfort. I didn’t even know he gave me a shot until I noticed my mouth was numb. He made me feel comfortable and informed about everything he was doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone of all age groups. Great Doctor!
-Christina Shultz

I came back to Dr. Regan due to the fact that he can perform surgery, etc. that other local dentists don’t. The only other option was to go to Fort Wayne. I love coming into the office; the staff is friendly and fun.

I like the professional staff. Roberta is very professional and efficient. I appreciated Heather so much on the day of my extraction. I was very nervous. She was calm and supportive. I appreciate the reminders for appointments. I like feeling as though my dentist and his staff are up-to-date on procedures.

Everyone is friendly and smiling.

I am always greeted with a smile by office and staff. Still the same excellent service after 46 years.
-Glenn Dillon

Having been your patient for quite a number of years, I’ve come to the conclusion that you truly like your job (I honestly can’t imagine why!). But your dedication to us patients shows every time. Since we really would like to be any place else, except in your office-we always come away feeling very good that we came. Your professionalism shows every time. We may be uncomfortable for a little while but usually there is no anticipated pain. You and your staff’s good humor and friendliness always overcomes any anxiety we may have had. Thank you for being the BEST dentist ever…and that makes you irreplaceable indeed. Feeling great and still having most of my teeth at 76.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Had a great cleaning.

Very friendly and comfortable.

Very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. I am 64 years old and feel that my excellent health can be attributed to excellent dental care by Dr. John Regan and his associates. -Anonymous

Everyone is always so friendly while giving you their undivided attention. I wouldn’t get my teeth cleaned anywhere else. -Anonymous

Everyone that works at Dr. Regan’s office is friendly and professional. The hygienist was great and very thorough and Dr. Regan was too. I always feels like I am getting great dental care there. Thanks

I have in recent years moved to Fort Wayne, but still choose to make the short drive because of the way I have always been taken care of at Dr. Regan’s.

What a friendly, caring office. I really enjoy going to the dentist!!!

I would like to thank you for giving me my smile back. Your friendly staff and their caring. Professional nature has definitely made this experience easy and smooth sailing. Thank you all so much, you will never know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.
-Anthony McCoy

Heather was very helpful when calling her at home after hours.
-William F.

Had a cleaning. Got whitening and fitted for a missing tooth. Quick service.
-Angela H.

Dr. Regan has the knowledge to care for my teeth. He can accomplish all dental work in his office. The technicians and staff working for him are excellent.
-Karen B.

Very happy with the office. Very nice hygienist.
-Jeanne Q.

Always a pleasure visiting with Roberta.
-Nancy M.

I had two wisdom teeth extracted and I never knew they were out until he told me! It was nearly painless and fast. Much better experience than I was anticipating.
-Taryn F.

Been going to Dr. Regan for over 20 years now and will continue as long as he holds an office. Love his staff too!
-Wendy A.

Reviewing for my six year old’s experience. He is so at ease with Dr. Regan and his staff that he went through his latest cleaning and xray while I waited in the lobby with my other children. I joined them for the exam. My son said, “I really love the way he cares about my teeth. He really cares for the.”
-Jay C.

Dr. Regan and staff rock! 5 stars.
-Jeff R.

Letters to the Editor-Community appreciates Dr. Regan’s work.

I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Regan and his staff.
On Valentine’s Day, Dr. Regan’s office took part in the “Doctors with a Heart” program that provides dental care to uninsured and underinsured people in need of care.
The care that was received was a generous act of kindness that is not often seen nowadays. So I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you all for the kindness and generosity,
-Rachel Loveless, Andrew

Letters to the Editor-Can’t recommend Dr. Regan enough.

My name is Scott M. Mooney and I read an article in your paper of a local Huntington dentist offering free introductory exams. Along with these exams, if you saw him by a certain date your name would be entered in a drawing for some free dental work on Valentine’s Day.
I happened to be the lucky one chosen and I can’t begin to tell you how great the experience was with Dr. John Regan. My first exam was painless and very thorough. My free dental work was also painless and effortless.
The whole experience with Dr. Regan and his dental assistants was great and I can’t recommend him enough. Thanks again for your article and to Dr. Regan.
-Scott M. Mooney, Huntington

What impressed me the most was the warm welcoming positive atmosphere created by everyone with whom I had contact. While being obviously very knowledgeable and professional everyone exceeded my expectations in helping me understand all procedures. Very caring people.
-Emelda K.

Dr. Regan made me feel like his top priority was my needs. He took the time and explained everything I needed to do and made sure I understood the importance of my dental care. I couldn’t be happier I found Dr. Regan for myself and my family.
-Nicole B.

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