Your First Visit To Our Office 

First of all welcome to Family Dentistry with a Commitment to Excellence, the office of Dr. John Regan, DDS, MAGD, FACD, LLC. We always look forward to meeting new patients. 

If the doctor accepts you as a new patient, we look forward to getting to know you. We also encourage you to get to know Dr. Regan and our Staff by clicking on Our Team and reviewing the Doctors background. Our Staff is committed to making you feel "at home" and providing excellent dental care. 

Walk into our office and you will probably smell fresh coffee brewing and Brittney's or Sandy's cheery voices to great you. If you brought our forms with you, that will save some time. If not, we will need information on your medical and dental history, medications, insurance (If any) and contact information. We will also provide you with information on patient privacy and our financial policies. 

What we do on your first appointment depends on your needs. 

If you are in pain or have another problem that requires immediate attention that would be addressed first. Your comprehensive dental examination can probably wait to be done at a later time. 

If you do not have a problem that needs immediate attention the Doctor will do a new patient "get acquainted" examination with necessary xrays and other tests as needed. In order to be through, Dr. Regan usually recommends allowing him time to study your examination results and reviewing them with you on a second appointment. Many new patients comment that they have never had a Doctor explain things so thoroughly.

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